We care for you, body and mind

To round out your calm, relaxing stay surrounded by nature, visit our large, modern "Aqueduct" spa with 1,000 m² of space to rejuvenate body and mind with thermal bath circuits and a wide variety of treatments and massages from our a la carte service.

Relaxation and health in a thermal bath circuit

In the large, fully equipped thermal baths, with a two-hour circuit, you can enjoy different sorts of activities and treatments. This space features a bithermal foot bath, dry sauna and steam bath, 10º C plunge pool, aroma showers (mist, jets and bithermal), 36º C jacuzzi, 31-32º C pool and a flotarium with salt from the Dead Sea at 32-33º C. If you'd like, you can also relax in the colour-therapy room.

Templarios Gym

Our selection of massages includes relaxing and stress-relief treatments to let go of the tension that builds up, physical therapy to treat injuries or pains, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and moxibustion) to balance the body's energy points, and a wide variety of body and facial treatments all with natural products.

We also offer personalised or a la carte services to make sure each guest gets just what they need. Our professional team of physical therapists and beauty specialists will set up a customised programme to meet your specific needs: promoting healthy skin, revitalising the whole body or treating specific problems.